"It's funny -  I've been in this business for 12 years and there are companies that don't respond.  I know I may not be the biggest customer you have, or will ever have; however, your service has made me feel that way.  If I could get my staff [from sales to production] to give that feeling to my customers I will become your biggest customer.  Thanks and I look forward to working with you in the coming days."  

Kevin Powers, Phoenix



"Dec-O-Art did a project for us a few of years ago and I had the great experience of working with your team at that time. Dec-o-Art came to my mind again for a couple of recent projects that were urgent and I had the pleasure to work with your team again. You have some good people working for you and they’ve made a strong enough impression for me to tell you so."

"The most recent example was working with your team on certificates of origin and for the biscuit DOL trademarks for our products. I had no knowledge of certificates of origin so I had to ask a lot of questions.  Your team provided clear and concise clarification of all my questions. Your emails were very detailed and provided a great resource to look back to as a reference. It became evident soon after beginning to work with your team that your level of attention to the projects meant that I wouldn’t have to “babysit” the projects. We received check-backs from the team to verify information and we received the end products on time and perfectly done. Thank you and I look forward to working with Dec-O-Art again in the future."

Kathleen Kettenhoven, Seagrave Fire Apparatus



"From all the members of the sourcing and production staff at Crown, we really appreciate your willingness to move heaven and earth for our front panel displays.  From the Directors of Crown to the individual manufacturing associate, we (Crown) know who saved our Olympic Production Orders. These faceplates will be used on amps for the Olympic Summer Games in London. You have a great staff.   I look forward to continuing and expanding our business relationship."    

John Southern, Harman International - Crown Audio Division



"Logos arrived on Monday. I am very pleased with the way they came out and how they look on the boat. Once I complete the Ft. Lauderdale show, I will get back with you on the smaller individual boat logos as well as the larger ones for the bigger product."  

Paul Skilowitz, Bluewater Sportfishing Boats



"Your team is awesome - the reason I wish to migrate more business to Dec-O-Art."  

Jay Sittig, Vanair



"Thanks for the invite and please pass on to the Dec-O-Art team that their efforts were a great success.  It is very evident that the Dec-O-Art family not only takes pride in their work, but is very proud of their place of work and what they do.  The open house was very successful and we congratulate you all on a great 40 years and wish you continued success for the next 40.  We appreciate being partners."  

Jim Downs. Fairmont Homes



"I wanted to let you know that my boss and I are very impressed with your work on the banners and plan on using you again in the future. We also would like to thank you and your staff for your speedy turn around. Your hard work really added a lovely flare to our event. Please look at the attached images if you would like to see how we used the posters. Again, thank you!"  

Diana Allen, Palko Services



"This is great!  Thank you so much Joe I appreciate the information! You and your team at Dec-O-Art are a fabulous resource! Thanks."

 Megan Jansky, Luxury Bath Inc.



"Dec-O-Art has gone above-and-beyond, getting us switched over and using your services. Your team is on the ball the minute we need something.  I appreciate doing business with you."  

Lynda Hampton, Pulliam Enterprises, Inc.



"Thanks very much for your continued support of our product needs.  I can count on the team at Dec-O-Art to understand my requirements, suggest creative solutions and deliver top quality service every time I ask."  

Mac Bryan, RVIA



"Your team had been a great help with special orders. I value their input a lot."  

Laurin Schaphorst, Forest River



"You guys are doing great!  We appreciate everything you guys do for us and hope we can make this relationship last for years to come."  

Andrew, Outdoors RV Manufacturing






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